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Ebonit Saxophone Quartet: Our debut CD is a combination of the “Seven Last Words” from Haydn with XXcentury music. The piece of Haydn is a basis of the whole program and the special and unique thing is that we replaced some of the movements with pieces by Reger, Webern, Sibelius and Schostakovich. Those pieces are fitting in the tonal and dramatic dramatic progression of the whole Seven Last Words. In the original oratorio version there is a short text which is read before every piece/track. We chose for the putting this text in the recording is, to set the mood for every movement of the piece and to give sort of guidline throughout the entire piece. The listener after litening to the text read by Claron will get sort of information, introduction and we suppose that is going to listen to it in a different way. We “invite” a listener to reflect of certain values like love, pain, suffering, which are part of everyones life and are the main thematic of the Seven Last Words. All the pieces except Webern are arranged by members of the quartet which is a very special aspect. Those are arrangements done specially for our formation, adjusted for us. (First we arrange the score and then while working on it together we adapt things which fit for us) Played on the saxophone quartet pieces which are mainly for string quartet gives a new, fresh, innovative way of listening to it.

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  • Volkskrant
    “Alleskunners bij het Ebonit Saxophone Quartet”
  • Vrije Geluiden
    “Steekt qua intensiteit een goeie strijkkwartetversie naar de kroon”
  • NRC
    “Ebonit rekt Haydns muziek gloedvol op”
  • Audaud
    “This short excerpt Nachtlied Op.138/3 comes the closest to the kind of solemnity that one associates with Sacred Music.”
  • Concerti
    “Das Ebonit Saxophone Quartet spielt ohne Näseln und andere Aufdringlichkeiten, dafür mit vielen fein gezeichneten Linien, mit klarer Verteilung der Stimmen, mit pochenden Bass-Fundamenten, klagenden, seufzenden Oberstimmen und subtilen Trillern.”
  • Klassieke zaken
    “buitengewoon homogeen en spannend”
  • Friesch Dagblad
    “De muzikanten beheersen hun instrument tot in de puntjes”

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