Next to adapting famous string quartets for saxophone quartet and the establishment of our standard repertoire, NEW MUSIC is a very important aspect in our artistic activities. This program consists of pieces that where – except for the piece of Voglar – dedicated to the Ebonit Quartet and we had the honor to premier them or will still do the first performance.


Detailed program:

Richard Whalley (*1974) Iapetus Suture*

Fabien Lévy (*1968) Durch

Kevin Malone
The Housatonic at Sandy Hook*

– Break-

Valentin Villard (*1985)
Sonata for Saxophone Quartet*
1. Vif
2. Calme
3. Scherzetto
4. Récitatif

Erkki-Sven Tüür (*1959) Lamentatio

* written for the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet



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