Contemporary Saxophone Quartets

Arvo Pärt (1935): Summa
Klaas de Vries (1944): Twee Koralen
Michael Nyman (1944): Songs for Tony
Jacob ter Veldhuis (1951): Postnuclear Winterscenario No. 10
Errki-Sven Tüür (1959): Lamentatio
Guillermo Lago (1960): Ciudades
Johan van der Linden (1961): Pulse
Thierry Escaich (1965): Tango Virtuoso
Fabien Levy (1968): Durch
Richard Whalley (1974): Iapetus Suture *
Kevin Mallone: Housatonic near Sandy Hook *
Valentin Villard (1985): Sonate *
Chris Chamoun (1986): Sonata *
Wilma Pistorius (1991): Child *War Nocturne *

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